What's Inside My Floppy Disk?

Every Friday I pick a random product on Instagram, I disassemble it, examine it and make a stop motion story with its parts. Every week the result is completely different and unexpected.

Here I share how it all comes about!

Last last week I opened a floppy disk, or was it last last last week! I lost track of my tinker days, didn’t have any energy to tinker while fasting. Maaan do I appreciate food now! Haha

This was an interesting one! I kept seeing pink slugs on my instagram feed, I asked one of my insta pals and came to know about The pink slug project! And that there are actually PINK slugs in real life!

These slugs were recently found in Australia on Mount Kaputar where it was separated millions of years ago from the rest of the land when the volcano erupted. And they are huge! More than 8 inches long! Freaky cool right! Read More

Sadly these slugs are among the top ten most endangered species by climate change and they can all die if the weather changes just a degree or two. I wouldn’t understand anyone who would take climate change lightly now, I understood it a few years ago when you could see few signs but not drastically, but now with all the crazy weather changes, floods and what not that are happening in every single country, we really need to be more conscious of our impact on this planet, you know if we want nice weather.. and want to live.

I got in touch with Miss Printed, she makes pink slugs that you can relocate to your country to raise awareness about the poor lil pink creatures. This is something I would highly support so after going through my junk and finding a hot pink floppy disk, I knew it was meant to be! Floppy disks are now kinda history but I hope the pink slugs wont! .. makes you wonder!

I already took a floppy apart before all my official tinkering activities, and that’s when I really understood why it was called floppy lol As a kid I only saw the cover and at that age I didn’t really understand the meaning of English words, so floppy was just floppy and it is not something I wondered about growing up, we shortly had CDs afterwards and forgot all about the floppy disks.

But floppy disks are still used! If you are in US check out Floppydisk.com to recycle your disks! It makes you wonder where all these disks and CDs went! Even when we think about pendrives that we more widely use now, where do old ones go; ones with small capacity that are obsolete now!

Can we design things putting in mind that time will pass and technology will advance? Can we cater for updating only the techie part and not the whole plastic body? Can you upgrade the capacity of your pendrive rather than buy a whole new one?!

I am a real tech ignorant but I will propose these questions just in case someone who is much smarter than me is reading and can find a solution.

As for my video, it wasn’t a very smooth process! I wanted to change the pink cover to a slug, I thought about melting it down and reshaping it, but it would have given me a drop of a slug! Then I thought about vacuum forming it, but I only had one pink cover and no other pieces in case my experiment failed. So I looked at the thin square cover and instantly thought of Origami! And thanks to youtube university someone made an origami slug tutorial! Wohoo!

Spent days figuring this slug origami floppy cover business and as soon as I got to shooting, I realized all those trials were, a waste of time! No matter how thin the plastic is, it will never be like paper! I blamed my low blood sugar, I can't be that stupid! Haha. Ooo and I found another floppy labelled Tunis Agent Reports! I wonder who it belonged to! :D Anyways, I was so close to posting this as a failed video! Especially that it ended up not looking like a slug, at all! Haha .. But I didn't.

Here is a youtube playlist I created for all the tinker videos I watch to learn new things every week! So nerds like me who like learning can explore this in their free time.

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