What's inside My Sony PS3 Controller?

Every Friday I pick a random product on Instagram, I disassemble it, examine it and make a stop motion story with its parts. Every week the result is completely different and unexpected.

Here I share how it all comes about

Last week I opened the playstation3 controller as per most requests. It’s by far my most viewed and liked video ever on Instagram! Eveer! I can’t believe that more than 60k viewed the video!

My sister got me that controller along with other ‘about to be thrown away’ stuff from her friends as my birthday gift! Haha Needless to say, that was the best birthday gift I ever got!

It was very easy to open; everything plugs together or screws somehow, people can easily hack and modify the controllers without messing up any parts! Some change the keys, jazz up the PS button, and so on. There are many youtube videos showing the break down of the controllers. Like this one.

When I read to see what could go wrong and result in throwing away the controller, I found out that it would be either the board, could be a result of expressing your sorrow over losing in a destructive manner! Or could be the two vibrating motors, ooor could be a tiny piece of foam that presses the printed board that links all the buttons against the PCB and connects them together, all parts would be working fine in that case, the circuit is just not closed or complete.

The cool thing about the dual shock are the vibration motors inside, I wanted to make my video with the motors working, I de-soldered them, but nothing came to mind. I wanted to use the noise from the motors to create “music”, kept trying to find ways but it was just irritating haha. But I stumbled upon this! Now I want stepper motors!

So I will save them for later, along with the vibration motor I found in the massager. It’s still in the moo-ssager :D

And I also found possibly the coolest grandpa ever, check out his channel.

I don’t know why this week it took time to decide whether I would break down the cover or not. Because once I start shooting and trim away the cover there is no turning back, and I couldn’t really figure out what to do until midweek!

I saw an owl somehow there, two butt cheeks and with the two vibrating motors the idea of making them twerk crossed my head, but I decided to go with two lil birdies that played their own version of the Playstation, not sure if they were clear though. It turned out to be one of my longest stop motions ever and I moved so many things at the same time, plus I might have postponed the complete transformation, like it took too long for my creatures to be clear, should have cut off some parts. Did you see the birdies? Here they are anyways!

I saw many things that I can make, but there is always that one idea. How do I know it’s the one? I will tell you the secret, when it first pops in my head it makes me laugh out loud.

I hope it made you laugh as well.

Here is a youtube playlist I created for all the tinker videos I watch to learn new things every week! So nerds like me who like learning can explore this in their free time.

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