Here are stop motion commissions I did for different companies all over the world. Plus some stop motion experiments, and some mundane moments in my life captured as stop motion videos that I can't categorize under a page, so I'll just show them to you here!


Opening titles for UK based conference where I was also a speaker.

Stop motion demo of 3 different TV ads I animated for Danone Egypt for their campaign with orange.

A stop motion video I made to show the process of making the fused plastic bags material used to make upcycled bags for a design company called Upfuse based in Cairo, Egypt.

A stop motion animation I did for a company in Egypt called Upfuse to release their new design of their 'Twin' bag to show the new compartments they added to the bag and how much more it can hold.

A stop motion promo I made for a programme on BBC Arabic called 'Ana Al-Shahed' 'I witness'. I Witness is a citizen journalism programme that features short videos shot on mobile phones or personal camcorders from across the middle east region. The final version of the promo includes voice over done by BBC explaining the concept of the programme.

Another stop motion video for 'Ana Al-Shahed' BBC Arabic programme as part of their social media content.

A short stop motion video for Pheel featuring their upcycled notebook and how it’s made, Pheel is a design studio in Egypt that makes all things handmade.

A stop motion video for Dots Planner in Egypt showing the features of their 2018 planner.

Stop motion video for a company called Rahet Bally in Egypt showing must-haves for mothers when going on a holiday.

A paper stop motion commissioned video for a company called Midwam in Saudi Arabia that provides virtual and augmented reality technology within the scope of edutainment!

Ikea challenged me to transform one of their new products and come up with an alternative way to use this cool chair! I used it as a loom and weaved a lil Jellyfish out of the packaging!

I made a series of commissioned short stop motion videos for a Brand selling Temporary Tattoos in Japan called Lil Zebra. This is one of them I made to show their Christmas Collection and Black and Gold collection.

A commissioned stop motion video for a jewelry market place called Planet Boho to announce the launch of a new brand on their website.

Celebrating Eid at Jozee Boutique! The logo was used as the the body of the sheep to increase brand awareness.

Made for Jozee Boutique In celebration of Ramadan, all products are handmade at Jozee Boutique so we wanted this to be reflected in every post we make. 

A story line for valentines day, a message from Jozee Boutique.

Ooo you’ve made it all the way down! Here are some early early stop motion experiments:

A delicious Stop motion experiment.

A cool Flipbook Idea I had; my coach flipping a flipbook of him flipping! Now try to say that 10 times!


I was dealing with an annoying Instagram bug.



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