What's Inside My Pen?

Every Friday I pick a random product on Instagram, I disassemble it, examine it and make a stop motion story with its parts. Every week the result is completely different and unexpected.

Here I share how it all comes about!

My lil sister has been doing some career consulting before choosing a university to enroll to and last week she asked me the famous Pen Interview question 'What would you do with a pen other than writing?' And all of a sudden I see this question popping everywhere! Hence...

I have so many pens that are all used up but I wouldn't throw away precious plastic tubes just like that! There must be something I can use them for! I picked up a pen and thought what would I do with just a cylinder and an ink tube! But hey! That's not all! There is also air inside! Air and a tube! Taddaaa! I can make a flute!

With my terrible fish memory, I forgot all the science and physics of sound and I doubted if I can make a real sounding flute! A whistle is definitely doable, I have eaten way too many whistle stemmed lollipops! Can't forget that!

So here is a basic explanation of how flutes are made and the reference that I used to make mine. If you want to check a more complex explanation about the physics of a flute check this video Also here is an interesting video about how snakes move

I chopped and shaped a piece of an old wooden crayon and used it as a dowel inside the main tube; tried to stay within the stationary category! And it worked! I then crossed my fingers and made three tiny note holes along the tube. The last two worked, the first one was a mistake!

And now I am finally ready to take my first steps and start my snake charming career!

My pen flute in action...

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