Kahk Stickers | Instagram and facebook Eid Stickers!

When non Arabs talk about different Arabic food, the whole conversation consists of three words; Fallafel, shawerma and Baqlava! I am exaggerating obviously but I noticed that’s all my non Arab friends know about the different Arabic cuisines. So when it was Eid time I decided to share more about the different food we have, after all food is the best way to get to know a culture and what better way to share something other than turn it into an animated GIF sticker!

Kahk is a sweet cookie that we eat in Egypt only during the three days of Eid, thankfully, you are possibly looking at 3000 cals 😅😂 Jokes aside, kahk with a cup of tea is perfection!

I made 7 different GIF stickers that can be used on Instagram and facebook or anywhere really that can embed giphy stickers and shared them so people can play around with and spread the kahk love. And It has made in total 26.3 Million views* (updated on 12th june 2019)