What's Inside My Euro Profile Lock?

Tinker Friday is the day I pick a random product on Instagram. I disassemble it, examine it and make a stop motion story with its parts. Every week the result is completely different and unexpected. We rarely see what's inside a product and I think that's why we so easily throw the one whole thing away.

Here I share how it all comes about!

This week I chose a lock because I got bored from opening ewaste, electronics is not something I comprehend, I like to see how all pieces come together, but examining PCBs is not something I enjoy at all. And a lock is an extremely interesting “puzzle” product.

I have another one of these locks, I think we changed the door locks sometime ago and we never got rid of it. I was kind of skeptical that I would be able to pick the lock, but I went for it anyway, I thought worst scenario, I’d go to a locksmith and let the pro do his job!

Disclaimer: Please don't go picking on other people's door locks! 

Buuut, new skill unlocked! Pun intended.

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After watching a couple of youtube videos and fiddling with the lock for an hour, I did! Although now I am really concerned about its security issues, I hope that these locks get collected by locksmiths and rekeyed, because it can be reused and not thrown away.

Here is the video I watched to learn how to pick a lock with a hairpin, there are also different types of locks but they all have the same concept.

I picked the lock after an hour and when I turned it 360 degrees it snapped shut again! So I had to do it again and then didn’t know what to do next, the cylinder still didn’t come out. It takes me a longer time to figure out things because I don’t know the proper terms to search for, or I am not familiar with some words in English. So after a bit of research I found out that this lock is called Euro Profile lock and it has two clips that hold the cylinder inside.

I remember watching this years ago on the Australian inventors show, a locksmith designed a new lock that would instantly rekey the lock without removing it from the door. It’s the only segment of the whole show that I remember. I wonder why such product is not universally used by now! Or if this concept ever came to life!

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