At A Point In Time: I Wanted To Document Made In Egypt Products

I am starting this series of posts sharing what I’ve been doing in the last few years; what I've learned and how I screwed up. Hopefully, it will all add up in the end and show me a direction.

Why should you read this? A. See if you can relate to it B. Learn something new C. Maybe it’ll encourage you to dive into an unusual opportunity and D. Learn from my F*cking mistakes bec. am not gonna publicly embarrass myself for nothing!

At a point in time, I wanted to document Made In Egypt products

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How To Find Great Craftsmen In Egypt And Get The Job Done! - Part Two

In part one of how to find great craftsmen in Egypt and Get the job done, we’ve gone over the basis of your design quest and that was the time-consuming part. Once you set your priorities and get to know the nits and grits of the process you’re after, it will all fall into place. The next two –or maybe three- steps are for designers who are trying to implement new designs or have a bit more complicated designs.

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How To Find Great Craftsmen In Egypt And Get The Job Done! - Part One

New year, new beginnings! Early January marked the end of my experience at Reform Studio where I worked as a product designer for the last year. Reform is a design studio in Cairo that designs furniture products from an interwoven plastic textile-like material made out of plastic bags.

In this post I’ll share one of the major takeaways from my experience in Reform Studio. Using my experience as a case study, I came up with a set of steps on how to find great craftsmen in Egypt and get the job done!

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Vlog | What's Inside A Hair Straightener?

I always loved opening products to see how they work, I usually do this for my projects or just for the sake of curiosity, mainly curiosity! I love watching such videos on youtube and I didn't find any video showing what's inside a hair straightener, so I decided to make one!

Check out the video:

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Product Design In Egypt

Being a product designer is really awesome, being a product designer in Egypt is even better! Let me tell you why.

But first a quick disclaimer: this is not advice by any means, if you want to start your design career somewhere else it would be an incredible opportunity, this is my thoughts for designers who want to start in Egypt, but staying here just makes them want to blow their brains out.

Now that this is out of the way, why is being a product designer in Egypt a blessing in disguise?

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