6 Extremely Useful Chrome Extensions

You'd be surprised how these can make your life much easier! Today I'll share my favourite chrome extensions that I personally use all the time, it saves me a lot of time and nerves!

I am starting with my number one favourite! I can't stand my beloved Egypt without this, seriously.

1. Your Quality for YouTube™

Theeee best extension on earth!  If you enjoy watching videos on youtube and live in Egypt, you are gonna thank me for this! Big time! You know how the internet in Egypt doesn't cooperate much on a daily basis?! Are you familiar with that frustration? I shall elaborate:

Every time I watch a video on youtube I have to pause it to *sigh* buffer. Then readjust the quality to 360 because it automatically plays at 240 though with a little bit of patience it can play just fine at 360! And of course I then navigate to another page or check other videos until it buffers! Can you imagine how many seconds of my day wasted on doing such a mundane thing!

This extension lets you pick a specific quality for playing any youtube video, it even allows you to automatically pause it at the start for buffering!! I know I know, it sounds like a ridiculous problem, but if you have to do these annoying steps before watching a video then give it a try and let me know how it feels afterwards! It made my youtube experience much much more enjoyable! And now I don't feel the need to curse Te data whenever I play a video. The joy.

2. Ad block

And yet another annoying thing; ads! I appreciate witty ads, but mostly I hate dumb useless ads! It's one of the main reasons why I haven't watched TV for over 4 years. Ad block is a genius extension that declutters your browser from all these ads. I am very easily distracted, I would find myself critiquing a poorly designed banner Ad rather than finishing my work! So now poof! All gone! And you can personalise these, so say if you don't want to miss out on youtube or google ads, you can change some options or add some filters.

3. Pocket

I've recently started using pocket and I am really liking it. There is an app and an extension. It lets you save links as lists to read later. I usually come across a lot of shared content and it distracts me during my day; I keep jumping from one article to another. I used to keep open tabs of articles to read later, but having more than 5 tabs open just makes agitated! It just feels like it's part of my to-do list, so if I know i'll end up having a starring contest with a tab, I wont open it, and usually -if not always- I'd forget where that link was and never get to check it. Now with just one click I can save all these links to read at the end of my day, offline.

4. Pinterest

I am not that crazed over pinterest, I do believe that it's a fascinating virtual vortex where time ceases to exist. However, my dislike arises from privacy issues; I only like pinning on secret boards, I pin very usual things like every human being, but it just makes me feel like people now have the ability to look inside my brain. 

Good thing is, sometimes that's awesome! I do use pinterest for my blog, selouk, a blog focusing on design for behavior change! Yea I know, such a nerd! I started creating boards about social behaviors! I didn't expect much traffic but to my surprise, most of my subscribers came from pinterest. And the best thing is, they are quality subscribers! Geeks like me who would go on pinterest and search for behavior change!

5&6. Color Zilla - Type DNA

Color Zilla and Type DNA are kind of similar so I'll put them together. They allow you to pick things from the web. You know how sometimes when you politely stalk people and you go 'oo I like that girl's shirt, oh I like her boots' That's how I am on the web, Instead it's button colors and fonts! Both offer more than just picking but I'll leave this for you to explore!

Do you have any favourite web extensions? Common, we've all got ones! Don't we?! Comment and let me know down below!