Beyond Tellerrand // Munich // 2018

Earlier this year in Jan I gave a talk about all my tinkering I've been doing the past years and how it all started at Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Germany. Here is a photo of 98% of me behind the podium and a somehow visible 2% of me, these percentages may have varried depending on your angle of vision.

dina amin_beyond tellerrand2.jpg

It was the first edition to be organized in Munich, usually the conference runs in Düsseldorf and Berlin. I had such a great time meeting and getting to know all these incredible people. I usually don't like big places/events with many human beings whom I have to interact with (a big introvert here) but the conference had a very cosy and friendly atmosphere, truly reflects the character of marc, the founder and organizer of the whole thing, whom I am very grateful to call a friend now.

You can check my talk here

Annd I'll also be speaking at Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf in May! Check it here