,,Trash-ure" Machine // Stop motion with Doro Otterman

I made this Desktop factory in collaboration with Doro, we worked on it when I was in Hamburg and released it in bits first on instagram (the foodie parts) to confuse people a bit. Doro also collects things that people throw away (on the street, or washed up by the river) and we started tinkering with these till we came up with an idea.


What made me start a Patreon page

Here are some thoughts that swirl in my brains everyday, they are more of incomplete thoughts, but they are there, swirling…

I spent 2016 disassembling products that were about to be thrown away and making stop motion stories. I didn’t know squat about stop motion, I was only interested in how we consume stuff. And over the past year I couldn’t put it in any other way, I question how we consume things, be it anything!

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